Are you ready? We are!


RecoveryTLC combines proven methods from several disciplines to help you overcome addiction and move forward, further and faster than you ever imagined.

You will learn to move beyond thinking “one day at a time” and begin thinking
next week, next month, and next year to achieve goals unimaginable today.




Create positive change and gain success through group therapy and 1:1 individual therapy. All therapists are experienced, licensed and passionate about supporting you and your goals.

Intentional Coaching

State -of-the-art Intentional Coaching™ will be life changing. Build a personal toolbox of skills and techniques to achieve your goals. Open doors and be
“intentional” in all you do.

Online Self Learning

Internalize meaningful and applicable lessons that compliment therapy and coaching. Online, university-style modules bring new insight and methods from experts across many disciplines. Learning is monitored by mentors, who have succeeded in their recovery.


All mentors have overcome addition and have succeeded in their recovery. Your personal mentor will guide you through the program, supporting you to success.



Group Synergy

Our behaviors change more effectively and efficiently when we’re held accountable to each other by working in small groups. That’s why most live sessions are in
groups of eight or less.


By eliminating brick and mortar facilities and revolutionizing the way addiction treatment is provided, we’re able to lower costs. You’ll be more involved and amazed at your success.

Anywhere, anytime

Telehealth (video conferencing) allows you to attend group and individual therapy from your mobile device or laptop. You can join using WiFi or cellular data. All self-learning is available online 24-hours a day.

Private, Anonymous, Safe

You’ll attend therapy from the privacy and safety of your home or office. No travel needed. You remain anonymous to everyone in group therapy. In fact, group members will usually be hundreds of miles apart.