KISS Today With Happiness

KISS Today With Happiness

I watch people wonder which is most important---Happiness or Success? In this this blog, I challenge you to ponder both topics and decide for yourself. 

Happiness is often associated with strong emotions of peace and contentment wrapped in a big smile.

 Success is usually associated with a ton of hard work, frustration and finally a big reward of happiness---when you succeed. But what if you don’t succeed. Should you be unhappy?


You’ve probably heard of the KISS principle---"Keep It Simple Stupid.” KISS is often associated with aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson who helped design the U-2 and SR-71 aircraft. The U.S. Navy promoted by the idea further in the 1960s. Less offensive versions have changed the word “stupid” to “simple” or “silly.”

 Anyway, the real secret of happiness (and success) is to KISS or “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Just for fun reverse that to mean it’s “stupid” to not “keep it simple!”

 If we apply the same KISS advice for success and happiness, we can enjoy them both. We simply learn to enjoy the happiness of the journey while working towards a successful goal. Using KISS, we plan our goal with many small milestones and enjoy the happiness of completing (successfully) each small step.


Octavia Butler provided these wise words:

“Every story I create, creates me.  I write to create myself.”

 Think about the goals you set and things you do to achieve those goals.  Each milestone you achieve is creating a better, stronger YOU. And you CAN enjoy happiness during the journey. Are you smiling and congratulating yourself for each step of the way?  If not, you’re missing out on a ton of happiness. 

Good luck in learning to KISS everything you do as you create an improved YOU---and enjoy the happiness allow the way.

 Have a great day.

 -Gary Dansie

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