Services + Pricing

Good News!

We take most insurance.

Self-pay is paid in advance by credit card or check.

Need help paying? We have a “work for treatment scholarship” available.


**Special 50% Discount on IOP when prepaid (Offer ends Sep 30, 2019)

Intense Outpatient TReatment (IOP)

$6,000 / 8 Weeks ** See Special Offer
Our IOP program requires that you spend a minimum of  9 hours treatment each week. This is established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM.)

Your time will be split between group therapy, group coaching and self-learning. Group therapy and coaching are offered specific times during the week, which you’ll schedule. Self-learning modules can be accessed 24/7.

You will also meet privately with a licensed therapist to review your assessment and start your treatment plan.  Monthly private progress sessions will be scheduled.

Your personal mentor will review your self-learning activities and provide feedback and encouragement.

**Special 33% Discount on Relapse Prevention when prepaid (Offer ends Sep 30, 2019)

Relapse Prevention (Step Down)

$3,000 / 12 Weeks **See Special Offer
Studies have shown continued treatment lessens the chance of relapse. General outpatient follows the same TLC program, requiring only 6 hours a week of treatment.

Additional Individual Sessions

$110 / hr session
A private 1:1 session with a therapist or coach.

Assessment Only

$200 / assessment
Meet with a licensed therapist to complete your online -pre-assessment. This includes a certified copy that can be presented in court. If you choose to attend this program, the full amount will be applied to your treatment cost.

Court Reports

Certified progress reports will be emailed securely to the court, attorneys, parole officers and you.


Bonus, Incentive + Free 

Successful recovery requires both family support and long-term peer support. 


Alumni for Life

FREE BONUS - Successful recovery requires you to refresh your learning and commitment well beyond your treatment.  We encourage you to attend a monthly Alumni Group Session for at least 12 consecutive months after you graduate. This is so important that we will give you 5,000 reward points every time you attend. (Maximum 5,000 points per month) 

Family Program

FREE BONUS - Often family and friends don’t understand the complicated challenges of addiction. We encourage those close to you to take your self-learning courses and attend our monthly family coaching session. They will learn the same techniques that you are to achieve more in life. Suggested attendees are parents, spouse/partner, close siblings over 16 years old.